15 quick ways for busy mum’s to add a touch of spring to their home décor, without spending a fortune.

15 Quick ways for busy mums to add a touch of spring to their home decor

15 quick ways for busy mum’s to add a touch of spring to their home décor, without spending a fortune.

Spring is officially here, although the weather needs to catch up!  Let’s face it, winter felt long, and we’ve spent too much time with the doors closed and the woolly blankets on. This is the perfect time to add a few seasonal touches to your home to make it brighter, more welcoming and spring-ready.   Let’s get the flowers out, add some colourful touches and give our homes a spring refresh. 


15 Spring Home Décor Ideas:

The below quick list of spring home décor ideas are perfect for us busy mum’s who want to quickly spruce up their home without having to have a whole house makeover. I have included links to some products I love (they aren’t affiliates, they are just products I like) as well as some Posie Pop favourites – of course there are loads of totally free ideas too!

 Easter Wall Stickers

  1. Add a splash of easter to your home with window and wall stickers

    Surely it isn’t spring if you don’t have some easter eggs and bunny décor somewhere in your home! The Posie Pop easter wall stickers bundle is perfect for adding a little touch of easter without going too crazy. The stickers can be applied to walls and windows and are removeable, which makes them a perfect temporary décor solution. Good news – they currently have a 10% discount too. Find them here.

    Flower Wall Stickers

  2. Buy flowers

    When you think of spring decor, I almost guarantee you think of flowers. So why not treat yourself to a beautiful bunch of flowers, or maybe a little bunch of daffodils.  You can find daffodils for as little as £1 in most supermarkets, and they can last well over a week. If you want some flower details that last a little longer then I also have some flower wall stickers that would look lovely on any wall. Find them here.

  3. Add a wreath to your front door

    I regularly drive past homes with beautiful door wreaths and always think they transform the home’s exterior appearance. I hold my hands up though, other than our trusty Christmas wreath, which makes an annual appearance, I have never treated myself to a door wreath.  Spring is the perfect time to buy one though, I love the greenery and flower combinations. 

  4. Change your pillows cases and bedding

    Hands up if you have dark pillowcases and bedding out at the moment. 🙋‍♀️ I certainly do!  I plan on changing them to some nice spring pastel colours and I just know it’ll brighten up my home this spring. 

  5. Buy some spring candles

    Change your home’s scent to something floral and it will transform the ambiance of your home. Plus, chose a beautifully designed or coloured candle and it will look great too – perfect for spring.

  6. Open the doors

    This may sound some simple but opening your doors and windows can really change the feel of your home, from being warm and cosy to fresh and light. It can help to clear your mind too – added bonus!

  7. Create table centrepieces

    Who doesn’t love a table centrepiece change?! Take the kids out to collect some branches and flowers on a walk and add them to a vase for the centre of the table or buy a new bunch of flowers to brighten the dining space.  Even adding a bowl of fresh fruit and veg to the centre of the table can really make a difference to the feel of your room.

  8. Change your door mat

    Why not treat yourself to a new doormat? Your current doormat is almost certainly worn down from winter and all those muddy boots. Get a fun slogan, or a colourful design to add a pop of spring to your home entrance.

  9. Refresh the garden flower baskets

    Get yourself out in the garden and plant some bulbs in those tired looking flower baskets and patches. Add some colour and texture to your garden and it will almost immediately feel more welcoming.

    123 and ABC Posie Pop Wall Art Prints123 and ABC Posie Pop Wall Art Prints

  10. Have a shelf makeover

    We all have a shelf in our house that never changes but my goodness…change it up and it will transform a room. Move the books or pictures and replace them with flowers or a new fun print.  I bet you’ll feel great for it. Of course I have some great wall art prints over in my shop, the above picture is from the love on instagram and the prints are our 123 and ABC bundle which you can find here.

  11. Add rainbows to a kid’s room

    My kids love rainbows and to be honest, so do I. I actually think they are a great home décor accessory for any season but I especially love the brighter colours in spring and summer.  If you’ve been following Posie Pop for a while you will already know that I have loads of rainbow designs available in wall stickers and wall art prints.  You can check them out here. 

  12. Hang some of your kid’s artwork on the walls

    This idea kills two birds with one stone, you get to keep the kids busy whilst also gaining some art work for your walls. OK, let’s be realistic though, you may not want to hang every piece of lovingly created paintwork, however if you set up the art area specifically with coloured paint that matches your home theme then your kids could create you a cute piece of art in the right colours! 

  13. Buy some super cute bunting/garlands

    Ivy and Poms may just be my new favourite small business for all things pom poms and garlands. They sell some stunning pieces at really affordable prices that are guaranteed to make a huge difference to your home this spring.  Check our Ivy and Poms beautiful instagram account here.

    Butterfly Growing Posie Pop

  14. Grow some butterflies

    This is another random idea however last year we were gifted a butterfly growing kit and my daughter’s (3 and 4 years old at the time) absolutely loved it. It took approx.. 3-4 weeks for the caterpillars to grow into butterflies but it was a great visual addition to our home throughout. It was fascinating to watch the transformation and the girl’s learnt something along the way.  Our kit was from:

  15. Paint a wall

    OK, so this idea may take a little more effort than we want to invest but bear with me. Have you got a room in your home that feels a little dull, maybe it doesn’t get much light, or it just needs a change?  Pick one wall in the room and paint it a nice pastel colour. You’ll immediately want to spend more time in the room. If you simply don’t have time to paint the wall, then check out our wall stickers which are a great alternative and fab way to spruce up any wall this spring. Click here to view the Posie Pop Spring Collection

I hope this list of 15 ideas helps you to spruce up your home this spring.  If you have any other spring home décor ideas then let me know, I’d love to hear them. You can find me over on Instagram @posiepop_designs

In the meantime, if you are looking for some spring wall inspiration then head over to Posie Pop and check out our wall stickers and wall art prints.  You will be sure to find something your like.  Remember, if you would like to save 10% off your first order then sign up to the Posie Pop newsletter now.

Otherwise, I hope you have a fantastic week



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