5 Essential Halloween Decorations


*5 Essential Halloween Decorations from Posie Pop*

I find you either love Halloween or hate Halloween, and 75% of Posie Pop instagram followers were firmly in the love camp last week.  The majority of them went on to say that whilst they love Halloween they don't like to go too overboard with decorating, keeping it simple, tasteful and most importantly easy. So here I am with 5 Posie Pop solutions to keeping Halloween decoratingeasy this October

Decor Solution 1 - Window Stickers

Window stickers!!!  These are possibily the best Halloween decor there is. The vast majority of Halloween decorations are viewed externally which makes window stickers perfect for sprucing up your house with minimal effort.  Trick or treaters will appreciate your effort and your neighbours will be able to easily itentify the homes taking part in the spooky activities on the big night.

Our range of stickers are all a 'peel and stick' design and are as easy to apply as they are to remove. My 4 year old loved applying the stickers last year (with supervision because obviously I wanted my windows to be perfect!!).

We have a wide range of stickers available but can also create bespoke stickers if you fancy that extra uniwue touch.  Get in touch either via e-mail or by completing the Posie Pop contact form and we can chat through your ideas.

Decor Solution 2 - Wall Stickers

Are your celebrations taking place indoors more than outdoors? Do you like to hold a Halloween party?  If so then Halloween wall stickers are for your.

Now, don't be confused, our range of wall stickers are exactly the same as our window stickers as the vinyl we use can be applied to any smooth surface.  So should you have any window stickers left over they can be easily applied to your walls, mirrors, units etc.  The best bit - if removed carefully the stickers won't remove your paintwork - winning!! 

Decor Solution 3 - Wall Prints

Posie Pop also sell Halloween wall prints which are the perfect temporary, reusable, Halloween decor solution.  You can put the pictures up for the month of October and then simply take them down and store them safely until next year.  They definitely won't take up as much room in your garage to store as that massive, plastic pumpkin you haul out every year!! 

Decor Solution 4 - Mirror Stickers

As beautifully demostrated in the picture above, mirror stickers are a fab way to stand out with a quick word or phrase that makes your guests smile. Can't see the word you are after - drop me an email and let's make you a bespoke sticker! 

Decor Solution 5 - The Posie Pop Halloween Planner & Kids Pumpkin Activty Set

I am ending this guide with my top decor solution - my very own FREE Halloween planner.  To help with all things Halloween planning you can download my FREE Halloween Planner which offers key checklist items for conisder, space for a shopping list, and room to draw main display layouts).  

Included with every download is a kids pumpkin activity set, so whilst you get busy planning your Halloween your little one's can be busy drawing and colouring in their very own pumpkins - it's win, win, right?! 

To download your very own FREE Halloween planner and pumpkin activity kit simply click the link here: FREE HALLOWEEN DOWNLOAD. 

I hope you loved this Halloween gudie.  To view the full Posie Pop Halloween Collection visit the website here: VIEW HALLOWEEN COLLECTION


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